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Thursday 6th July 2017

This is our final class blog for this year because next Thursday we will be on the beach.

In the playground we have a mini climbing wall and Savanna and Lily have both been on it today, at lunchtime. Lots of the children have been playing babies too.

Last week we made ice cream and then ate it. We also did some fencing and dancing anf then this week we tried archery.

We've had some roadworks in school- the road has been cleaned.


Thursday 22nd June 2017

Today, Florence has been playing mums and dads in the house. Ben has been playing with the animal puppets with Eoin and Archie.

We just remembered that almost two weeks ago, we had a picnic for the Sapphire Jubilee. Everybody got a apecial mug and a flag. Mums, dads, nans, grandads and other family members came along.

This afternoon, we cooked the potatoes that we had been growing for the last few months. There weren't very many but they were very tasty. Small but perfectly formed.

For this week's Mysterious Monday, each grown up chose a poem and then we listened to each one in turn. After listening, we decided whether it was a 3 star, 2 star or 1 star poem. Mrs Ely has collected in our answers and we will find out next Monday which poem was the favourite.



Thursday 15th June 2017

On Mysterious Monday, we did a traffic survey. We saw lots of different vehicles going past school. We are trying to reduce the number of cars at our school by walking once a week. If we manage to do this for 5 weeks then we will get a badge.

Ben has been playing on the bouncer hopper toy at lunch times.

We have been growing some fruits and vegetables in our garden and today we had some raspberries that were ready. There were only 7 so we had half each to try.


Thursday 8th June 2017

When we came back to school on Monday, after the holiday, our classroom had changed. We are not in the garden anymore, we are Under the Sea. In our spare room, we've got lots of boxes, bottles, containers and cups to build with. Lots of the children have been making models but Florence made them for me and Mrs Pateman. One of the things that we have in the classroom is a real puffer fish. It can't swim anymore but it is all puffed up.

Eoin has been playing the Pesky Pirates game with Miss Hornsby, Harriet, Daniel and Isaac. Miss Parker has been playing 'Pop the Pig' with Archie M, Connor, Harrison, Isabella, Savanna, Florence and Matthew.

This week we had 3 star growers- Eoin, Isabella and Miss Parker. Our sunflowers were all 9cm tall.

This morning some of the children were cleaning the road and the house.

Ben has been playing basketball with his big brother Toby at lunctime.


Thursday 25th May

Today has been such a beautiful day that we decided to get out our teepee. Some of us have been inside it. We have also got rather messy, by digging our own frog pond. We've had to use the water from the water butt to make the ground softer because it was so hard. We have got a bit messy so maybe we'll need our wellies next time.

Because the Year 2 children have been doing their SAT's this week, the Year 1's have spent their mornings with us. We have read the story of The Jolly Postman and done lots of writing and maths to go with it. We made paper chains for Goldilocks birthday and sorted out the clocks for the three blind mice. The year 1 children had a go at drawing the hands on a clock but Florence wanted to join them too and even though she is in Reception, she managed to do it too.

We also have a new lunchbox game where we had to find the healthy foods that matched our lunchbox. We had to remember where they were hiding. The blue team- Isaac, Savanna, Florence and Archie W, were the winners.

We have also been playing our new 'Wild World Lotto' game that we got last week.


Thursday 18th May

Lots of us have been plaaying with some of the older children at lunchtimes. We have been playing mums and dads. Those of us that haven't been playing mums and dads have been playing football instead.

This Monday we had 3 new things to play with. Miss Parker got us 2 new, big, water squirters and some coffee for the mud kitchen and Miss Hornsby got us some very fancy musical jingling skirts and bracelets. When we walked or danced while wearing them, everyone could hear us coming.

Some of the children found some bungee cords while we were den building and they used them to join together some of the bikes, scooters and ride-ons. When they were joined together, one person went on the front to be the leader and they pulled all of the otheer vehicles around, just like a tow scooter.

In phonics we have been playing a game called 'A, Bee, C'. We had to choose a bumble bee, that had letters on it, and then try to make a word. There were some special bees that made us do different things if we chose them. Sometimes we got to take a bee from someone else- Isaac stopped Harrison making a word by stealing one of his letters. When Matthew got the Queen Bee, he was allowed to take 1 bumble bee for each person who was playing. He got 2 of these during the game. To win the game you had to make the most words. We had lots of winners who all managed to make 1 word each.

We have been doing some money work in Maths and 5 people impressed Miss Parker so much that we had to go and show off our fabulousness to Mrs Burton. She gave them all a chocolate smelly sticker for being so great at paying for toys with exact coins.


Thursday 11th May 2017

This afternoon Ben and Lily have been finishing off their butterfly sewing. 

We have all been outside this afternoon, with lots of water, mops and brushes cleaning the playground.

This week's Star Grower was Savanna for the second week in a row.

We have been learning all about the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have written our own versions and written a list of all of the things he ate, when our grown-ups came for parents in class. In maths we have been counting, adding and finishing patterns. Today we learnt a Hungry Caterpillar song.


Thursday 4th May 2017

This afternoon we read a book all about minibeasts and then we went on a minibeast hunt. We found slugs, snails, woodlice, beetles, worms and centipedes.

On Tuesday we gave out our second Star Grower badge. This week Savanna was our star grower and last week it was Eoin.

Our fairy garden has started to grow and it even has a poorly butterfly inside that we found outside and are trying to make feel better.

This week in maths, we have been learning about distance. We have built cars using the mobilo and the lego and then put them on the ramp to see how far they would go. Ben was our winner because his car went 325cm. He was awarded a trophy and 50 team points for Mary Rose for being the winner.


Thursday 20th April 2017

We have caaried on with our toipc about Gardens and growing this week. This afternoon, we have set up a fairy garden. We are hoping that the flowers will grow and maybe some fairies will visit the garden.

On Tuesday afternoon, we started a growing challenge. We have each got 2 cups and chosen 2 different kinds of seeds to go in them. We are having a competition to see who can grow the tallest plants. Each Tuesday, one person in Toucan class will be the Star Grower and get a special badge.

Today some of the children have had a go at sewing a butterfly with the help of Alice. We have put stuffing inside them and decorated them too.

In our special room, we have lots of things to be able to grow our own plants. we've got seeds, pots, compost and water. We hope that we will grow lots of different things.


Thursday 30th March 2017

This afternoon, we read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then we looked at some photos of caterpillars and butterflies. We talked about them being symmetrical and then had a go at painting some symmetrical butterflies by folding them in half and pressing the 2 sides together. Ben has been in the mud kitchen making nut pies.

This morning, we didn't do phonics or maths! We had a morning of Easter activities and the children from pre-school came to visit us.

On Tuesday we went to Bewilderwood! We went on a boat ride and saw Mildred the Crocklebog. She squirted water at us. We saw the Thornyclod spider and the FarTree with the shoes hanging on it. We listened to a story about the Boggles and Twiggles and Harriet, Florence and Connor all dressed up and joined in with the story. We went in the sky maze and went on the big slides. There were swings, monkey bars and zip wires too.


Thursday 23rd March 2017

This week we have started a new topic all about growing and the plants and animals that you might find in the garden.

Today, some of the children have been sewing butterflies with some help from Alyce.

This week we have been getting ready for mother's day. We will be going to church on Sunday so if you want to see what we've been doing then you will have to be there.


Thursday 16th March 2017

This week we finished our topics on dinosaurs. Miss Clarey came in today because Miss Parker, Mrs Burton and Mrs Ely went to Birmingham. Miss Clarey was impressed when she came in, because of our brilliant teamwork, den building.

Ben has been playing in the house.


Thursday 9th March 2017

Today Isabella has been role-playing in the house- playing families. At lunchtime Savanna was playing football with the boys and then this afternoon, lots of us went outside to play. Holly has been playing with the play dough.


Wednesday 8th March 2017

Today we did gymnastics with Lauren. We played the traffic light game and then we used the spring board to help us to jump over the box.


Tuesday 7th March 2017

This afternoon, we read a story that Ben had brought in to school. It was called Pooh's March March and we joined in with the actions.


Monday 6th March 2017

This afternooon it was Mysterious Monday. We went to Italy, India and Iceland. In India we did some Indian dancing and tried some Indian food. In Italy we made flags and tried cheese, pasta and bread sticks. In Iceland we had chocolate soup and learnt about volcanoes.


Thursday 2nd March 2017

Today we are going to Lauren's gym for the afternoon so we won't be able to do our class blog.


Thursday 23rd February 2017

This afternoon, when Alice came back after lunch time, she brought a big bag with her. In it was a smaller bag of dinosaurs, a dinosaur mat and a book. We listened to the story and found out that some dinosaurs used to live in England.

When we turned on Google so that we could do our class blog, we saw planets. It said that some scientists have found 7 new planets. We don't know what they look yet but they are using their big telescopes to have a look and then hopefully we will get to see them.


Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Today we have been playing with all of our new dinosaur things.

Paul the poet came in and we had a story-telling session with him. We made up our own version of Little Red Riding Hood.

In gymnastics we played the traffic light game.


Tuesday 21st February 2017

Today we scared Mr Ely! For our new topic we are learning about dinosaurs and we have lots of new dinosaur things in the classroom. Right near the door we have a giant T-Rex that is almost as big as the classroom. When Mr Ely came to lock the mobile, he walked past the window and the big T-Rex made him jump!

Today we also started a potato growing project. We have put the potatoes out to chit.


Monday 20th February 2017

Today it was Mysterious Monday and we finished learning about different creatures. Some of us made creatures using clay, Archie W made a tarantula using polystyrene balls, pipe cleaners, sticky tape and blue googly eyes.


Thursday 9th February 2017

This afternoon, Archie M has been busy with the paper and sellotape. He has made himself a rather fabulous tail to wear. It turns him into a dragon!

Yesterday, Daniel brought in a special book all about space. It had so much information in it that it took us 2 afternoons to look at everything. It has helped us to answer all of our questions about space.

Yesterday, Eoin built a house with the lego. It was just for him, but Matilda is alllowed in all the time. Ben also made a house with the lego but his was big enough for his whole family, even the dog Jessie.

Lots of the boys have been playing football at lunch time again.

We have some brilliant mathematicians in our classroom. We have been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's, finding numbers 1 more and 1 less, ordering numbers and recognising numbers.

This week, Florence and Isabella have been witches. Florence has been the good witch and Isabella has been the nasty one.

Thursday 2nd February 2017

Matthew and Arthur have had fun at lunchtime playing tag with some of the year 6's.

Eoin has been on the computers using the internet to find a rocket timer. When the time runs out, the rocket blasts off into space.

On Monday, a man called Barry came in to school and brought with him some different animals. We got to see, and touch, a snake, rat, toad, snail and a gecko. We saw, but wasn't allowed to touch the spider and the scorpion.

Archie has had the masks out this afternoon- he has been a bear!

Today, we have been very lucky because Alice, who comes in to help us every Thursday, has spent all day making biscuits with us. We made a biscuit dough and then we added different things to it like sweets, chocolate buttons, raisins and marshmallows. We are going to take them home with us tonight.


Thursday 19th January 2017

This week we have started a new topic. We are learning all about Space. In our classroom we have lots of new things but Matthew's favourite new thing is our very own rocket to play in. We have special astronaut clothes to wear, things to colour, a telescope to loook through and some moon rocks.

We have a big wooden rocket with a lift and the top bit comes off so it can fly into space.

We also have a space tuff spot with moon dust (flour), a lunar buggy, some aliens and some moon rocks. Lots of children have been playing in there getting a little bit messy!

The remote control cars have been charged up and lots of people have been playing with them today, particulalrly Eoin.

Florence has been using our creative boxes to make pictures using pipe cleaners and wool.

Yesterday afternoon, Ben's mum very kindly let us borrow a 'moon in my room'. Today we have had a look at it and seen how the moon changes. We talked about gravity and the astronauts who went to the moon. Then we have started to make our own moons using balloons and mod roc.


Thursday 12th January 2017

Matthew, Isaac and Arthur have all been playing football at lunchtime this week. It has been good fun.

Ben has been playing in the house selling food to people. Our shop is very expensive, the food will cost you quite a lot of money. He has also been busy drawing a picture of his favourite toy- green lantern.

Since we came back from our holidays, we have had the laptops in the classroom. Archie W has been going onto Google to find the games he wants to play. Today he made a picture of an alien and then printed it off to take home.

Archie M has been playing with the marble run.

Daniel has been building little wands with the lego.

Florence has been busy doing 2 jobs. She is the shopkeeper and works for the police.

Yesterday, Savanna drew a picture of her dad. Isabella did one of some trees and a camel.



Tuesday 18th October

In our fire station we have some fire extinguishers so that we can spray water onto any fires we find. Today we looked at some photos of the other jibs that firefighters do and talked about them. We saw that sometimes firefighters help to get cats out of trees. When we went outside to play, some of our animals had got stuck and we had to help them to get down. Some were easy to help and others were very tricky but Florence, Arthur and Isaac worked together and eventually they got the giggling dog down.

As we are learning about people who help us, we have a toy fire engine and a toy ambulance to play with. Ben and Archie M have been playing with the fire engine today. They have been putting out fires and rescuing people.

In assembly today, Mrs Burton got us all to sit in a circle. Then she gave us a piece of paper because she wanted us to draw pictures of our friends, Our assemblies have been all about being a good friend this term.

The other day, Florence and Harriet had fun cutting and sticking to make some pictures. They used fabric as well as paper.


Tuesday 11th October

We have a new topic. We are learning all about People Who Help Us. We have been helping people too with our own vets, hospital, opticians and fire station. Today we have thought about how farmers help us by harvesting the vegetables. We have painted pictures of them ready for the harvest festival in church.

This week we have started to learn our phonic sounds. So far we have learnt sssss for sun and aaaaa for apple. Tomorroe we will learn another sound.

Last Friday we all took home a pumpkin and some of us have decorated them and then brought them back to school for a pumpkin competiton. We will find out who has won the prizes on Friday.

We have been learning lots about numbers so we went on a number hunt around school. We found lots of different numbers everywhere we went.

Daniel and Archie have been using the magazines to do some cutting and sticking.

Today we have been making our own fire engines and ambulances. We got a box, some wheels and a stick for the axel and used Miss Parker;s special hot glue to make it all stick together. Now we are decorating them using pens and some of us will paint them tomorrow.


Tuesday 27th September

We have had a very busy first few weeks in school. Matthew has enjoyed playing outside. His favourite thing is the bowling set.

In our classroom we have a cd player. Isabella has been listening to the music.

Every Friday we have a special sticker assembly. Sticker assemblies are Florence's favourite part of the week.

On a Wednsday morning, our mummies and daddies stay to do some reading with us. Eoin likes to read with his mummy.

We have a big box of lego that Daniel likes to play with. He likes to build robots.