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Wednesday 22nd November 2017

It's been a really busy few weeks in Toucan class. This week we had a fencing session, last week we went to the cinema in Wisbech and it was also Children in Need.

We've been working hard on our phonics and have now learnt the first 9 sounds. Lots of us can now sound out and blend simple words.

In maths we've worked our our number knowledge, shapes, money and the language of measuring. This week we're concentrating on the language of size- tiny, huge, little, big, taller, tallest, small etc. We've been reading stories that are full of these words.

Our story for this week is 'Gruff the Grump' so we're thinking about different feelings. We've had a real PSED focus, talking about sharing and the things that we are good at.

We also started learning some of the songs for our nativity play 'Children of the World'. Lots of us are very good at learning song words and love to perform so it's perfect for us.


Thursday 21st September 2017

As we come to the end of our first three weeks in school, it's safe to say that the new Toucans have settled in well.

This week we started our phonics, learning the 's' sound and having a week of learning about Pets. Our topics will now change every week to match the stories we will read through our new Storytime Phonics programme.

In maths, we've completed our baseline assessments so next week we're ready to learn something new.

Our Year 6 buddies came over to read to us today and also joined us in our outdoor area at playtime. They seem to enjoy playing on the bikes and in the mud kitchen as much as we do!