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Friday 9th November

This week we started our nativity play. It is going to be called Prickly Hay. We started to think about which people we would like to be. We have also had a look at some different ways of making angels.

The phonic fairy brought us 3 new story sacks this week. Sam and Dave dig a hole, Gruff the Grump and Munch. In the Munch bag were lots of things to make sandwiches so we have made our own sandwich shop.

This morning, Miss Parker showed us how we can use a white wax crayon and paint to create a wax resist picture.

In maths this week we have been practising our counting and our adding.

On Wednesday, it was Macie‘s birthday so we played pass the parcel.

Yesterday we walked up to the church and had a look inside with Miss Parker and outside with Alice and Mrs Pateman. Some of us collected some leaves and donkeys and we even got to see the special rememberance day stones that the older children have painted.


Friday 12th October

On Tuesday, Miss Parker went to London so Miss Clarey came to be our teacher. We wanted to show her our really good way of making rainbow pictures by using a sponge. Miss Clarey thought it was a really good idea.

On Thursday, it was Sienna’s birthday. For her birthday treat she chose to have a cake so we all worked together to make some chocolate cakes. After they had been baked we ate them. We all thought they were yummy. Sienna also brought in some other cakes and sweets that we took home to eat there.

This week we got out our first story sacks- Beegu and Harold finds a voice. The story sacks had books, games and even puppets in them for us to play with.

Macie likes to dress up in our Anna outfit. 


Friday 28th September

This week, we’ve started to have some homework. We have been taking home nursery rhyme packs to sing with our grown ups. Some of us have been singing in the car, in bed and in the bathroom.

Yesterday it was Hannah’s birthday so we played a game of pass the parcel. It was lucky that it was big enough that everyone got a prize.

We also painted some dinosaur pictures this week.


Friday 21st September

Yesterday we had a go at putting some paint onto a flower and then printing it onto a piece of paper.

This morning we have been bug hunting. We found lots of daddy long legs, shield bugs, a butterfly and we even saw a spider spinning his web around a fly. 

We are finally getting better at tidying up! On Wednesday morning we managed to tidy up everything in just 5 minutes.