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Wednesday 28th March – Into the Woods

We have literally been into the woods during this topic. We had a fab time during our trip! While in the woods we built habitats, made badgers breakfast, created natural art and Evie got to lead Miss Atkin on the blindfold trail. We then got the play the parts of characters from traditional tales.  We were pretty good at this as we have retold some stories during our English lessons. Some of these clumsy characters however were causing havoc in the stories so we had to spend the day creating a new bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Some of us spent a fortune on resources so we then made Goldilocks her own bed or a new chair for baby bear trying to spend less money.  After looking at traditional tales we decided to write our own stories. First we created our own character and setting. We then used these during our story writing day. Once we had written our stories we told them to our peers and they gave us some helpful tips to make them even better!

In maths we’ve continued to measure. If it can be measured we’ve more than likely measured it, then ordered it and then compared it.

Friday 9th March –  Keeping Fit & Healthy

Our keeping fit and healthy topic fell at the same time as the winter Olympics so we have explored a range of winter sports. We watched and played curing and then wrote a set of instructions explaining to others how to play. In addition to this we read a story about an unhealthy wolf but we wrote an ending that turned him healthy. We have planned healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner that included at least five fruit and vegetables a day. Some of us also managed to include all the different food groups. We’re starting to measure in maths and have started with the trickiest… time.

Friday 9thFebruary – Dinosaurs

TERROR OF THE SKIES! Miss Atkin spotted a pterodactyl flying over the school and managed to take a photo, but don’t worry we have written a newspaper report to let everyone know and explain what you should do if you see it. We have found out so much information about Dinosaurs! We have used the internet and non-fiction books to find all of our information and then used it to write our own information text. After learning all this information we classified dinosaurs. We sorted them in lots of different ways from herbivores, carnivores and omnivores to theropods and sauropods. We have also looked at when dinosaurs were alive… a long, long, long time ago! Bethan remembered that the time periods when dinosaurs roamed the earth were called Jurassic, Cretaceous and Triassic. Fast fact from Levi Dinosaurs became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous Period.

We spent the afternoon seeing what it would be like to be a palaeontologist. We have searched for dinosaur skeletons in the sand, identified and made fossils and tried to put a dinosaur skeleton together. It was much harder than it sounds. So many bones!

In Maths have been making amounts of money and adding and subtracting amounts. Some of us have even looked at exchanging ones for tens. We then set up a dinosaur shop and bought some dinosaurs and had to work out if we needed change.

Friday 19th January – Toys

Our Toys topic has been great fun! We started off the topic by trying to sort lots of different toys Miss Atkin was very impressed with our ideas. We then planned, made and evaluated our marble mazes. We enjoyed both making them and playing with them. The fun didn’t end there once we had made our mazes in groups we recorded an advert to try and sell them.  Ava and Alfie were very persuasive with their sales techniques. After that we created a poster and a written advert. 

All four operations have been covered now as we started on our division as soon as we got back but it involved smarties which wasn’t so bad. We have also taken our fractions learning further and found fractions of objects and numbers.

Tuesday 19th December – Christmas

It’s been a very busy time of the year! We have been choosing our presents from the secret Santa shop and getting them all wrapped up and labelled. We have been to church for Christingle, we thought Mrs Ely made a fabulous Christingle!  We have also been out and about, we have sung at the co-op, been to see Santa Claus himself at Silverwood and we had a wonderful time at the Pantomime watching Aladdin, we even had some ice cream during the interval. We performed one of our Nativity songs in the church concert and then came back to school for a Christmas dinner, a party and we then had another very special visit from Mr Claus.

All of our rehearsals paid off and we managed to perform our Nativity, we hope you enjoyed it. Oh and on top of all that we managed to throw some shapes during a street dancing session!

We're exhausted and think we deserve a break. Merry Christmas, see you in the new year! 

Friday 8th December – Construction

In Maths we have been building with 3D shapes and then exploring the stability of the buildings. We realised that a building is more stable if it has a flat base and is balanced.  Using our 3D shapes or a range of construction materials we built our own building. We took a photo at each stage of our building and then wrote a set of instructions to explain to others how they could make it.

We learnt lots of new vocabulary and had to use our fancy footwork during our fencing session which we thoroughly enjoyed!

As it is now December we are allowed to use the word... CHRISTMAS.  Parts have been dished out and we have started to learn some of the songs for our Nativity Play.

Friday 17th November – People Who Help Us

There are so many people that help us almost every one of us managed to come up with someone. We have looked at the emergency services and how and when to contact them, their uniforms and vehicles. We looked in particular at coastguards, spotting hazards and even had a go at giving advice to keep people safe near the water, we were pretty good at it, a future career for some maybe.

We have written a letter inviting the fire fighters to come but our school and have researched information about different people who help us. After all of our research we have written very informative non-fiction texts. 

In maths we have been multiplying. Eoin says that we can say lots of, groups of, times and multiply and they all mean the same. We have also started to look at 2D and 3D shapes.

We have been very lucky and have been to the cinema to watch The Smurfs: The lost village. We then talked about our favourite part and characters. We strongly recommend you watch it. It’s great! Spoiler Alert! One bit is a little bit sad and emotional.

Friday 20th October – Explorers

For the past three weeks we have been exploring lots of unfamiliar ground, from different countries to new sports. Our Explorers topic began with the Amazon Rainforest we had to explore resources, books and the internet to find out about the weather and animals in the Amazon rainforest. Carly found out that there are pink dolphins in the Amazon River and Miss Atkin learnt that the temperature only varies by 2 degrees. Since then we have also learnt about Robert Falcon Scott a famous explorer and explored Antarctica for ourselves. Quick fact from Matthew - Penguins and polar bears never meet, penguins are found at the South Pole and polar bears are only found at the North Pole.

After receiving a postcard from Eddie the Explorer we decided to write one back from the Amazon Rainforest. We then explored the past tense and first person before writing a dairy entry from Captain Scott’s point of view about when he finally reached the South Pole.

We have been super busy in Maths and we have got the hang of both addition and subtraction now and this week we have even had a go at some word problems and missing number bones.

We are having great fun with Mrs Ely on Mondays. Each week we go for a Monday mile, during this time we have been looking are different trees and leaves. We have planted some grass heads and look forward to seeing what they look like. We then have some quiet time for mindfulness when we relax.

Our exploring didn’t end there! As well as all of this we turned into monkeys when Lauren let us use the climbing frame in gymnastics, we’ve learnt all about the importance of e-safety and have had a go at table tennis and cheerleading!

 Friday 29th September - All About Me

After spending our first week settling in and getting used to our classroom we kick started our All About Me topic by creating split pin people versions of ourselves to learn our body parts and organs. Quick Fact from Rose - Your largest organ is your skin! We have also created some beautiful family portraits and have talked lots about looking after ourselves and got some toothpaste and a toothbrush. Florence's quick tip You need to brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day!

After reading and performing poetry and rhyme, finding rhyming words we wrote some sense poetry to tie in with our All About Me learning.

We have been doing lots with numbers, finding more, less, ordering them, partitioning them into tens and ones and much more. We have also started learning our number bonds and addition.

We have learnt that it is important to exercise and even had a man come to teach us how Tri Golf, we had great fun! If you get the ball in the hole in one shot it's called a hole in one - Jake.

We have started our daily guided reading sessions and we're excited to see what stories we can listen to on our new Storyphones. 

Our next topic is Explorers, come back in three weeks to see what we have been up to.