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Friday 25th November 

It was time to write our alternative endings to The Three Little Pigs. We had all sorts happening to the pigs and the wolf. In some stories they went to space, had tea together, rode motorbikes and got injured in various ways on multiple occasions, they were quite exciting to read. Sticking with our traditional tales and linking in with our nativity we have stared to look at play scripts this week. 

In Maths we continued with our work on subtraction, our numbers were getting bigger and we even started to look at some word problems. This week Miss Atkin tried to confuse us by using different words for addition and subtraction, she even gave us word problems but wouldn't tell us if we needed to add or subtract, there wasn't too much confused which was fab!

These past two weeks we took on the role of creators, turning our fabulous ambulance designs into models the only thing they are missing now is wheels that must be next weeks job!

We also had some exciting news this week... We found out who we were going to play in our nativity! Miss Parker and Miss Atkin keep telling us how much practising we have to do though as it's not far away! 

Friday 11th November 

So it was time to start a new English topic this week and Miss Atkin realised we were already quite the experts when it came to traditional tales. We have been focusing on The Three Little Pigs and have realised that there are lots of different versions and acted them out. 

Last week we finished off our shape by looking at symmetry and patterns and then started a new Maths topic, subtraction. All ready we have learnt that there are lots of different ways to work out subtraction and we can use our favourite method to help us. 

We were excited to find out that we are going to make our own ambulances but first we had to design them. With that now down were on to making them! This week we were time travellers, we travelled all the way back to 1666 and found out about The Great Fire of London, things were very different back then. 

Friday 21st October 

We have continued with our letter writing and even managed to write one! We even went as far as looking at the difference between writing in he 3rd and 1st person. This week we have been looking at rhymes. We have been writing rhyming words, sentences and rhymes and performing them with actions and without words! Well done to those very brave volunteers that performed their rhymes to the whole class.

In maths we have continued our hard work on addition in lots of different ways. We have added 3 numbers, added 10, started to learn our number bonds to 10 and worked out some word problems. Now we are looking at 2D and 3D shapes and will continue after half term. 

We are learning about fire fighters in our topic and we became little scientists last Tuesday and conducted a science investigation to work out what is the best material for a firefighter's uniform. We have also designed our own firefighters uniform by thinking carefully about the material and colours. 

Friday 7th October

This week’s Monday as like no other Monday. The children were outside making dens, checking that they were waterproof and making sure they were up for snacking. It sounded like they had great fun!

On Tuesday we started our new topic People Who Help Us. We came up with lots of different people that help us, how they help us and looked at their uniform, we even had a go at dressing like them. We are looking forward to learning a lot more about them over the rest of the topic.

In maths we started work on addition. We started by adding objects together, then just used our fingers to help us and then some of us even started adding two, 2 digit numbers together. All staff in Robins classroom noticed how well Rose did with her adding this week so we thought she certainly deserved Star of the Week.

We’ve got big decisions to make in English this week as Miss Atkin looked at our independent writing of instructions to see if we had met our targets. She then let us trade 1 target met sticker for 5 house points or an individual sticker. We’re now looking at writing letters and already know they key features that letters need. 

Friday 30th September 

It's been a busy few weeks for Robins and we have finally found time to update our class page. Everyone has got used to the new classroom including Miss Atkin. The classroom looks very different with our new tables and chairs, new carpet and lots of new, exciting things around the room. 

Now the timetable is fully up and running everybody is enjoying the new clubs and routines. 

Well done to our school council members, Thomas and Ellen and new house captains.

We have all settled in very well and learnt a lot about each other during our current topic, All About Me. We have looked at where we live using google maps, family trees, our bodies and senses and even written facts all about ourselves. Now we are really excited to start our new topic next week, People Who Help Us. 

In English we have been working on including full stops and capital letters in all of our writing and we have even made pizzas and written a set of instructions on how to make them. 

We have been having lots of fun with numbers including counting them, finding missing numbers, ordering them, looking at which numbers are bigger and smaller and using place value equipment to improve our counting. 

We are excited to find out what we are doing next week on mysterious Monday, check here next week to find out what we have been up to.