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Friday 20TH October – Explorers

For the past three weeks we have been exploring lots of unfamiliar ground, from different countries to new sports. Our Explorers topic began with the Amazon Rainforest we had to explore resources, books and the internet to find out about the weather and animals in the Amazon rainforest. Carly found out that there are pink dolphins in the Amazon River and Miss Atkin learnt that the temperature only varies by 2 degrees. Since then we have also learnt about Robert Falcon Scott a famous explorer and explored Antarctica for ourselves. Quick fact from Matthew - Penguins and polar bears never meet, penguins are found at the South Pole and polar bears are only found at the North Pole.

After receiving a postcard from Eddie the Explorer we decided to write one back from the Amazon Rainforest. We then explored the past tense and first person before writing a dairy entry from Captain Scott’s point of view about when he finally reached the South Pole.

We have been super busy in Maths and we have got the hang of both addition and subtraction now and this week we have even had a go at some word problems and missing number bones.

We are having great fun with Mrs Ely on Mondays. Each week we go for a Monday mile, during this time we have been looking are different trees and leaves. We have planted some grass heads and look forward to seeing what they look like. We then have some quiet time for mindfulness when we relax.

Our exploring didn’t end there! As well as all of this we turned into monkeys when Lauren let us use the climbing frame in gymnastics, we’ve learnt all about the importance of e-safety and have had a go at table tennis and cheerleading!

Friday 29th September - All About Me

After spending our first week settling in and getting used to our classroom we kick started our All About Me topic by creating split pin people versions of ourselves to learn our body parts and organs. Quick Fact from Rose - Your largest organ is your skin! We have also created some beautiful family portraits and have talked lots about looking after ourselvesand got some toothpaste and a toothbrush. Florence's quick tip You need to brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day!

After reading and performing poetry and rhyme, finding rhyming words we wrote some sense poetry to tie in with our All About Me learning.

We have been doing lots with numbers, finding more, less, ordering them, partitioning them into tens and ones and much more. We have also started learning our number bonds and addition.

We have learnt that it is important to exercise and even had a man come to teach us how Tri Golf, we had great fun! If you get the ball in the hole in one shot it's called a hole in one - Jake.

We have started our daily guided reading sessions and we're excited to see what stories we can listen to on our new Storyphones. Our next topic is Explorers, come back in three weeks to see what we have been up to.