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All About Me

We have settled into year 1 and 2 well and have started learning lots already! In maths it’s been number, number and some more number and in English we have already done some writing. During this topic we have learnt about ourselves and each other, we have created family trees and drawn beautiful self portraits. We also had great fun during our throwing and catching day sports enrichment morning! 



We have looked at the traditional tale The Little Red Hen as part of our farming topic and explored farming around the world particularly banana farming in Costa Rica. Just like The Little Red Hen have planted our own grains of wheat given to us from a farmer, we can’t wait to watch them grow throughout the year! We have been working very hard on our sentences and have written a letter to the farmer who gave us this wheat to thank him and also ask him some questions. In Maths we’ve started working on addition the first of our four operations. 



Following on quite nicely from our farming topic we have been looking at the weather. We now have a class weather board that gets updated every morning and we have created season wheels too! We have written a weather report and have been watching the weather to try a pick up some tips and vocabulary to help us with ours. We’ve done subtraction and have started our third operation, multiplication. We had our second throwing and catching morning, we are definitely improving. Also we have had a letter and some photographs back from the farmer we wrote too!



This topic has focused upon The Robot and the Bluebird by David Lucas, a brilliant book that as a class we have thoroughly enjoyed. As part of this we have been robots ourselves as well as had a go at programming some. We have also looked as music associated with machines and dancing. As part of this we have created a letter, a poem and a story based upon the book. We also had a fantastic RE day where we were visited by people of the Sikh, Muslim and Hindu faiths. After finished multiplication we managed to fit in some work on 2D and 3D shapes. 


Of course Christmas fell at the end of this topic and we did a fantastic job performing our Nativity, Prickly Hay. 


The Great Fire of London 

1666 is where we have spent most of this topic, imagining what the houses and streets of London would have been like all those years ago. By the end of the topic we wrote a newspaper article informing people of the fire but to help us understand how and why the fire spread so quickly we each created our own house (St Paul’s Cathedral was a joint effort) then took them outside to the playground to recreate the event. By recreate the event I mean we set up the houses close together just like they would have been and then started the fire in the Bakery and watched it spread. We have finally finished our 4 operations and have even started exploring fractions. 



Fractions are finished and were now learning about measures. During this topic we managed to cover weight, height and length. Space this topic allowed us to explore the planets in our solar system as well as create our own fictional character and planet. We then wrote a short story about our character visiting Earth. We linked this topic back to our weather topic to help us understand how we have day and night as well as the different seasons.It was also children’s mental health week during this topic and as part of this we explored how to stay healthy both on the inside and outside. We talked about the importance of eating and had breakfast all together, sleeping and gave Ted some sleeping advise and keeping fit and healthy where we played some playground games. We even had a visit from Mrs Ely’s dog Henry! 


Up next... Minibeasts