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 Whose Fault is it?

After looking at the pollution in the last topic we decided we wanted to find out about what should be done and who is at fault for all this damage.

We had a class debate and many suggestions were given about ways we could consider to help reduce pollution. Everyone enjoyed this!

We even used our knowledge of graphs and charts to help us find information about different countries and their emissions.

We were also very lucky to enjoy a trip to Legoland! We had a fantastic day and even made a Lego car, which was powered by kinetic energy.

The term ended with our famous Easter egg hunt! The bag of chocolate eggs was delicious!




We began this topic by looking at what pollution is and the different types our World experiences on a daily basis. Using newspaper articles, we began to focus on the pollution in the oceans and in particular rivers. To help us understand what is happening in the rivers we learnt about the features of a river, we enjoyed this as we used drama!

After learning about the features of a newspaper, we began to research an area of pollution in water to begin writing our own article. We used our knowledge of inverted commas to include a quote.

During this topic, we learnt some amazing and horrifying facts about what damage pollution has caused to our world so far!

We did also enjoy a great World Book Day, dressing up as characters and taking part in quiz.

Octavia Hill


We continued our Victorian topic, as we focused on Octavia Hill. We continue our group research and learnt whilst working with Mr Spelman’s class.


We really enjoyed our visit to Octavia Hill House and gained lots of knowledge about Octavia. We took part in art work, using sources of evidence and role play to enhance our knowledge. When we got back to school we used our notes and other research to write a biography of Octavia. Who knew such a famous lady lived so close to us!!


Our topic was completed with a Victorian day at school. We dressed in a Victorian costume and rotated around some activities, these included; drama of a school room, toys and games, art/ William Morris and house hold chores.


Oliver Twist

During this topic, we have begun to look at life in Victorian times. We read a book called ‘Chimney Child’ and this gave us an insight into what life was like for children – especially a chimney sweep! We used the film Oliver Twist to learn about a workhouse in Victorian times and how children felt whilst in these places. We tried to emphasise with the children when writing our diary entry.

We also explored some of the toys and games children used in our literacy sessions and wrote some good instructions about how to play these simple games. This led us onto thinking about the difference between rich and poor. Using a variety of research we begun to start thinking about all areas of Victorian life.



December came so quickly and it has been a very busy month. In the first week in December we had Christmas clubs, which were great fun!

On 6th December we all went to the church for our annual Christingle service. Everyone held their Christingle whilst singing Away in a Manger, it was lovely.

We watched the KS1 Nativity, which always gives everyone a smile.

Everyone had the chance to visit the secret Santa shop to buy gifts for their family.

The happy Puzzle Company came and gave us a challenge session about solving some codes and completing as many puzzles as we could. Joseph was seen as a master of Time!

Some children went to the Kabadi competition and came home with a Gold Medal! Well Done!

13th December was when we all went to Lincoln cathedral to take part in the Carol concert. It was a great day and we all showed off our wonderful singing voices.

To end that week we all came to school in our Christmas Jumpers to raise money for charity.

In amongst all these festivities we also have been working hard and demonstrated our ability in a variety of tests.

The final week of school included; A house curling competition, carols by candlelight, a disco, Pantomime, a visit to Father Christmas, a church concert and Xmas party!

Now we are all exhausted and are ready for a rest!!!

Ready for the New Year and the new learning ahead.



This month we began with a focus upon parliament. MP Barclay visited us and told us all about the Houses of Commons and the House of Lords. We even tried to pass a Bill about extending our playtime. Everyone really enjoyed his visit and we asked lots of really good questions.

Thank you Mr Barclay for visiting us.

Our Kabadi day was very enjoyable. We learnt how to play the game and once we understood the rules everyone played well.

Our firework topic allowed us to demonstrate our good vocabulary when writing some descriptive writing. We also enjoyed some interesting poetry.

At the end of the month we all enjoyed a multi-faith day. Where we got to meet a member from the Islamic, Hindu and Sikh faith. They talked to us about their beliefs and how they celebrate some festivals. Mrs Burton even came away with a Sari, which was kindly given to her!

October 2018


This month has been full of great experiences! It began with a trip to Leicester Space Centre. It was the first KS2 trip for the year 3 children and everyone was very excited. We all learnt many facts and really enjoyed exploring the whole centre. The simulator ride was very popular and we all enjoyed taking part in the interactive displays. The 3D cinema was amazing, we now all want to be astronauts!! Although looking at the food and toilets in the rocket made some of us rethink about this new ambition.


Going to Peterborough Cathedral, we learnt even more about space and were all amazed about seeing the actual capsule which Tim Peake came back down to Earth in!


Harvest Festival, at the church, was an enjoyable time. Our class retold the story of The Little Red Hen and everyone gave generously. The tea and cake afterwards was delicious.


After our Handball experience last month, some of the children took part in the tournament. A selection of children went with Miss Hornsby and Mr Ely. They worked hard in every game and showed great sportsmanship.


In topic, we finished our topic ‘Journey into the Unknown’ by writing some amazing science fiction adventure stories. Our space-craft has travelled to a planet, which we designed and also we met aliens!


Our next topic was Fireworks, we found out about what happened with Guy Fawkes and the Houses of Parliament. Everyone enjoyed reading poetry about Fireworks and even remembered the rhyme about the 5th November.


September 2018

The first month of the new school year is over. It seems to have gone past so quickly.

We have now all settled in and got used to the KS2 routines.

Our house captains have been elected.

Our school council has been selected through a very scary application and interview process – well done to all who volunteered for the job!

The topic for the first 3 weeks has been ‘Alien Invasion’. We have learnt lots of information about space and the Solar System. In small groups we learnt about a particular planet and created our own fact file of information. We have also created our own aliens and even used them to learn about classifying living things. We have just move onto the topic ‘Journey into the Unknown’ and can’t wait to use our imagination about travelling to an unknown planet to discover our aliens.

In numeracy we have secured our number knowledge and extended it by using larger numbers, some of us even began to use decimal numbers. The challenge was given when we had to use our knowledge to solve a variety of problems.

In outdoor PE we are trying to earn ourselves an award for athletics with Mr Ely.

We have also taken part in a Handball session. The coach taught us about the rules. Some of us are going to a competition to represent the school.

We are all looking forward to our trip to The National Space Centre and visiting Tim Peake’s capsule!