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October 2018


This month has been full of great experiences! It began with a trip to Leicester Space Centre. It was the first KS2 trip for the year 3 children and everyone was very excited. We all learnt many facts and really enjoyed exploring the whole centre. The simulator ride was very popular and we all enjoyed taking part in the interactive displays. The 3D cinema was amazing, we now all want to be astronauts!! Although looking at the food and toilets in the rocket made some of us rethink about this new ambition.


Going to Peterborough Cathedral, we learnt even more about space and were all amazed about seeing the actual capsule which Tim Peake came back down to Earth in!


Harvest Festival, at the church, was an enjoyable time. Our class retold the story of The Little Red Hen and everyone gave generously. The tea and cake afterwards was delicious.


After our Handball experience last month, some of the children took part in the tournament. A selection of children went with Miss Hornsby and Mr Ely. They worked hard in every game and showed great sportsmanship.


In topic, we finished our topic ‘Journey into the Unknown’ by writing some amazing science fiction adventure stories. Our space-craft has travelled to a planet, which we designed and also we met aliens!


Our next topic was Fireworks, we found out about what happened with Guy Fawkes and the Houses of Parliament. Everyone enjoyed reading poetry about Fireworks and even remembered the rhyme about the 5th November.


September 2018

The first month of the new school year is over. It seems to have gone past so quickly.

We have now all settled in and got used to the KS2 routines.

Our house captains have been elected.

Our school council has been selected through a very scary application and interview process – well done to all who volunteered for the job!

The topic for the first 3 weeks has been ‘Alien Invasion’. We have learnt lots of information about space and the Solar System. In small groups we learnt about a particular planet and created our own fact file of information. We have also created our own aliens and even used them to learn about classifying living things. We have just move onto the topic ‘Journey into the Unknown’ and can’t wait to use our imagination about travelling to an unknown planet to discover our aliens.

In numeracy we have secured our number knowledge and extended it by using larger numbers, some of us even began to use decimal numbers. The challenge was given when we had to use our knowledge to solve a variety of problems.

In outdoor PE we are trying to earn ourselves an award for athletics with Mr Ely.

We have also taken part in a Handball session. The coach taught us about the rules. Some of us are going to a competition to represent the school.

We are all looking forward to our trip to The National Space Centre and visiting Tim Peake’s capsule!