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May started with a great trip to 'Flag Fen'. We had a wonderful day learning about the site and how many of things they have are from the Bronze Age! The causeway was amazing and we also enjoyed seeing the lambs wondering around freely. We made a clay pot., became detectives and listened to a story in the round house.

Year 6 experienced their SAT week and we worked really quietly so we didn;'t disturb them. Together with year 5 we all impressed Mrs Burton with our research linked to the topic.

On 18th May we celebrated the royal wedding by dressing up for the occassion. Staff and children were dressed for the day - even wedding dresses came out!

On 21st May Kay came to see us about keeping safe on the road - we all did well on our quiz but learnt some valuable facts about keeping safe.

The school disco saw the groovy moves coming out from everyone - even Mrs Burton

The volleyball tournament was very exciting. Some different children got the chance to take part and represent the school. Well done team Tydd!



After a two week holiday we have begun our topic called 'Cave Man'. Within this we will study Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Inbetween our topic we have also impressed Mrs Burton when we completed the mid year tests.

On 23rd April we looked the annual St George's day parade, as we played our Samba equipment all around the village. Well done to all the year 4 children who managed to carry the surdo despite the bruises!

April ended with a fantastic performance of Chapel Hill Duo - now we all want to play an instrument!


This month we have continue  our topic Jurassic Park. We have written a newspaper report about finding our own newly discovered dinosaur. We discovered how fossils are formed and learnt alot about different types of dinosaurs and their special features.

Everyone enjoyed learning how to use 'Tagtiv8'. This is making maths and literacy more active. Playing games and leaning at the same time, no wonder everyone can't wait until tagtiv8 Tuesday!

Lots of children attended the Mothers Day service at the local Church on 11th March.

Towards the end of March we started our new topic called 'Zoo'. We have loved using the book 'Zoo' by Anthony Browne. It has created some great discussion, Toby and Daisy were very brave when we used physical theatre to share the animals feelings.

March ended with a trip to the Zoo! A great day out. We saw lots of animals and gained some great vocabulary when talking about the endangered animals and the conservation programmes they organise. This trip helped to developed our balanced argument - for or against Zoos.


We started this month by having an E-Safety session. We have learnt many facts about keeping ourselves safe online and the reasons behind the rules when we are using online gaming.

This month we have enjoyed our topic 'Walk like an Egyptian'. We have learnt many facts about life as an Egyptian and our mixed class research and feedback session went really well. All children shared their knowledge and then we listened to others and learnt new information about different topic areas - all about Ancient Egypt.

After this we enjoyed a well deserved break!

Our month was supposed to end with the Gym Day but this was postponed due to SNOW. We didn't complained we had some great snow days at school. We made snowmen, had snowball fights with teachers and even managed to learn during this time too. Everyone enjoyed making chocolate rocks as we began to learn about the different types of rocks.



Well after a busy December we have continue to work hard in January. Our topic 'It's a Mystery' began and we have been linking this to the famous Scooby Doo Mysteries. It literacy we have written a mystery event happening in a secret garden. thos focus has been on description and making the events build up to create tension.

A new set of clubs have begun and everyone has chosen what new clubs they might like to get involved in.

At school we had a spelling evening and parents have been to see how we learn our spellings at the moment. it is very different to our 20 spellings a week challenge.

January has ended with a great sporting day - the Dodgeball Tournament. A few children volunteered to take part and they really enjoyed the whole day. For some children it was their first experience of playing sport for the school - well done everyone who took part !!


This month is always full of events and this year is no different.

The first week we were all busy taking part in the PTA Christmas clubs. Most people enjoyed all of them - craft club, bingo and film night.

The whole school walked down the church for Christingle. Mrs Ely was dressed up as a Christingle, I think David wanted us to remember his last Christingle serice with us!

The next week began with us seeing the KS1 nativity performance, which was wonderful.

This week we really began working on our operation game. We used our circuit knowledge to get them working. It was very exciting and challenging but worth it in the end.

Lots of us went singing in the co-op to raise funds for the PTA - Well done to everyone who managed to come.

We even walked to the local village hall to sing to the retirement club. We must have done a good job as we came away with two big tins of sweets to share, yummy!

Our visit to Silverwood was very exciting as we managed to all get to see Santa, he even gave us a gift!

The last two days of term were filled with Pantomimes, concerts, dinner and parties! A great end to 2017.


This month has been very busy and many exciting things have happened.

Mad Science came to visit us and we conducted some electricty experiments. Georgina was very brave as her hair even stood on end.

Fencing - we all wore the correct clothing and used the equipment to score points for our team

Cheerleading competition - groups of children have been practising a routine all week. Then they took part in the competition held by the house captains. Georgina and Isabella were our winners

We opened the school for people to come and see us working

Friday 3rd November

Well we have only been back 4 days but we have been working very hard.

Everyone has been mastering their written method for subtraction.

The topic about leisure and entertainment has begun. We ave been learning abut how the cinema has changed and what movies people would watch. Everyone enjoyed watching Charlie Chaplin!

Next week we are looking at sports through the 20th century and also holidays, what a busy week ahead!


Friday 20th October

This week there has been great excitment about the conker competition. Every lunchtime children have been battling to gain housepoints for their team.

The table tennis day was fantastic and we discovered a hidden talent in George!

In parents evening our parents enjoyed seeing our books and sharing the learning we have undertaken this year so far.

Then on Thursday the cheerleading day was very exciting. We all enjoyed joining in and saw some great gymnastic moves being put into the fast pace routine. Now everyone is looking forward to the cheerleading competition next term.

Last day for term. This term has flown by and been packed full of learning. I think we all need a rest ready for the big term leading up to Christmas.

Friday 13th October

This week we have really focused on improving our scientific skills. We have all enjoyed using the new equipment in our science investigations. The melt experiement was great fun and we learnt about changing state.

Everyone enjoyed taking part in the drama about solid, liquids and gases.

Also this week we have begun to think about what we are going to include in our own marvellous mixture. Our fantasy fiction plans are very entertaining!

Friday 6th October

This week we have begun our new topic called 'Marvellous Mixtures'. We have started listening to 'George's Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dahl. After listening to the first part we made a character profile for Grandma.

To build our knowledge of materials for our own mixtures we have begun to think about solids, liquids and gases. We completed our first experiments and enjoyed seeing the solution being heated. We have been using science vocabulary; evaporation, condensation, water vapour and solution.

In numeracy we have been making a number 10 and 100 times bigger. We enjoyed seeing each digit increase in value and could discuss the patterns we see.

On Tuesday we all enjoyed solving the puzzles and challenges we were set and saw how never giving up was sometimes the only solution!

Tuesday was a busy day as we all have a visit from someone who spoke to us about keeping safe on the internet. We shared our knowledge with him and he taught us how to make a secret identity. More importantly he told us why this was so important. All this was done though the use of superheroes!

An exiciting week and we are looking forward to more science work and medicine creations next week.

Friday 29th September

This week we welcomed a new child, Jessica. She has only been with us a week but has settled in really quickly.

On Tuesday we went to Leicester on our multi-faith visit. We explore 5 different religions, saw 4 different places of worship and spoke to a Buddhist Monk. It was a very busy day and we all really enjoyed ourselves. During our day we learnt many facts and gained answers to our questions. Even the adults were learning too!

In numeracy we have enjoyed rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Some of us managed to round decimal numbers to the nearest whole number. Scarlett and Isabella did really well with this, along with Callum B.

Our week did end sadly as Zain is leaving our school. He is moving away and had his last day with us. We made him a big card and gave him to presents to take away with him. We will miss him.

Friday 22nd September

This is the start of our weekly update. The children have given their views about the week and these will be included in our blog.

Callum and Alayha have kindly given their River Basin model to place upon the display for a couple of weeks and these look lovely.

Today we have enjoyed another successful 'Just Dance' session in the hall, which gets everyone active!

The clubs have started and lots of children are enjoying these.

Matilda has begun the year well, being the only child to complete her number grid within the 8 minute time limit. Well done

Our class became teachers and we taught Owls class all about Rivers. We also learnt from them as they told us all about volcanoes. It was fun to become a teacher for a session!

We are looking forward to next Tuesday when we go on our first trip of the year - to Leicester.

The week ended well when we helped Bailey celebrate his birthday and enjoyed sharing his borthday cake. Yummy!

21st September

Well we are now three weeks into the new school year. It has been a busy start and we are all adjusting to the ever changing timetable.

This year our topics are slightly different and we will be changing topics every 3-4 weeks.Very exciting times and lots of learning opportunities for everyone.

Currently our topic is The Natural World. We have been learning about rivers and using all the technical vocabulary. Our 3d River Basins have been very successful. Using poetry we have seen how some poets have written about rivers using a variety of structures. We have written some Haiku poems using our knowledge, which we enjoyed.

In numeracy we have been using our place value knowledge to add and subtract amounts.

Already we have had an exciting day where year 4 children completed some science with Mr Kilby from the Grammar School. This was followed by the whole class getting to experience tri golf. It was a really fun day!