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Friday 17th March

On Tuesday Sunita Patel visited our school. She came and told us a story from the Hindu religon. Our class got to dress up in traditional clothing and learn some Bollywood dancing. Charlie was the King, Mrs Burton was the Queen, Bryn was the prince and Megan was the princess. Everyone danced to the royal family and they chose their favourite dancers. Lily, Warren, Libbie, Oliver and Corey were chosen and given stickers.  

Mr Corn came to school and did an assembly about confidence and we did some acting.

Today two musicians came to visit us and perform. we listened to them play a variety of music and it was all brilliant. They played classical, pop, jazz and film themes. We enjoyed guessing the music and joining in with them.

Friday 10th March

This week started with breakfast Monday, yummy!

We have planned our own imaginary planet this week and they are all very exciting places to visit.

In science we have all enjoyed investigating the strength of magnets this week. We were all amazed that we found iron in cornflakes!!

Friday 3rd March

This week we have continued our work on Star Wars. We enjoyed making our own space pod with some children adding amazing features like; gravity toilets, helicopter wings, invisability switch and remote controlled appliances.

On Wednesday it was a very different day! Everyone was dressed as their favourite book character and there were many characters of Star Wars seen! We also had Mr Wonka, The Mad Hatter, The Karate Kid, Miss Spider, Hulk, Mildred Hubble, Dennis the Menance, Smurf, Potter, Mrs America, Dorothy, Snow White, Queen of Hearts, Horrid Henry, Hermoine, Anna and Ancient Greek characters in our classroom. Although spending the day in the spare classroom also made our day very different, but we managed to cope.

On Thursday we spent the whole morning in the gym. The children roatated around lots of different activities and we all enjoyed ourselves. Some children even managed to earn a medal, well done to Oliver, Chanelle, Liam, Lily and Daisy.

What a busy week!

Friday 3rd Feb

This week we have started using our new film called 'Gladiators of Rome'. We have only watched a small piece but everyone is excited about seeing what happens next.

Deadly Creatures day on monday was really exciting. Everyone got to meet the creatures and find out lots of facts about them.

Friday 27th January

All week everyone has been completing tests. The whole class has worked hard throughout the tests and now Mrs Burton has to make sure they have all been marked.

In topic lessons we have been making our own powerpoint presentation all about diiferent aspects of the Roman times.

Friday 20th January

This week we have been real;ly busy making our Stories brilliant. We have edited our work and made improvements.

Everyone enjoyed Mrs Ely coming into our classroom and teaching us some poetry.

Friday 13th January

This week we have been writing our own version of what happens next Tuesday. We have used our imagination and created a flying animal that has many adventures through the night.

We have learnt lots of facts about the Romans and found their invasion and spread of the Roman empire really interesting. We also foudn out who Julius Caesar.

Friday 6th January

Well after such a busy end of last term and Christmas holidays now we return for the spring term. Everyone is set to learn and our topic about the Romans is exciting.

In literacy we have been using the picture book 'Tuesday' and everyone is enjoying using their imagination.

Friday 25th November

This has been a very good week. On Tuesday we had our first big school trip of the year to Eureka. It was a long journey but definately worth the wait. We explored all the areas and learnt lots of new scientific facts. I think everyone enjoyed the role play section, which taught us about science used in daily life. A fantastic day that everyone will remember.

After a busy Tuesday we all were very tired the next day but we managed to continue to work hard for the rest of the week. We have begun to develop our written method for multiplication.

In literacy we have written a letter a great letter showing off our wonderful writing skills.

Next week can be as busy, can it?

Friday 18th November

Today is Children in Need day. We all came in non-uniform, some people chose fancy dress. There were lots of games planned by the house captains along with lots of yummy cakes to eat. Well done to everyone!

This week we have begun to use our new film, everyone was excited to find out it is Rango. We enjoyed watching the first few minutes and have begun to plan a letter to Rango's owner.

Next week is the school trip, which is very exciting.

Friday 11th November

This week we have made our fact sheet about the Desert. We used subheadings and organised our writing in sections. Some of us also inserted pictures too.

On Wednesday we got the opportunity to explore a labyrinth in the hall with Rev David. It was a great day and chance to be calm, let go and see the purpose of these in our spritual development.

Friday 4th November

Term 2 begins. Our topic this term is Where's Wally. We are going to us our geographical skills to find our about some of the places in the World.

We have looked at different climates in literacy and this week we have focused on deserts which can be found in the warmer climate.

In numeracy we are securing our written methods for addition and moving onto subtraction. Lots of exchanging and using equipment to help us understand the process.

Friday 21st October

This week we have enjoyed visiting the book fayre and some of us were lucky enough to receive a new book.

On Tuesday we all danced the night away at the school disco. Lots of goodies were won in the competitions.

Osmosisi Jones is really getting exciting now and we are learning how the body fights against germs along with ways in which we need to life to help our body stay healthy.

Now we have one week on holiday to get plenty of rest ready for the next term, which is always busy!

Friday 14th October

On Wednesday our parents came to see our work and hear about the start to the new year. Lots of people were impressed with our had work.

On Thursday Miss Clarey was our teacher. It was great to see her again. We all enjoyed her french session as she is so talented woith her languages.

We have begun our work on the film Osmosis Jones and everyone is excited to know what happpens to those dangerous germs.

Harvest festival on Sunday. See you all there, remember the Bishop will be there!

Friday 7th October

This week had a fantastic start with our Den Building day. In our teams everyone planned and made a den. I think everyone enjoyed the feast they had inside along with the waterproof testing!

On Tuesday some of the class went to Cross Country. Everyeone ran well and when they went across the finish line smiles were seen by all. Well done everyone.

A very busy week.

Friday 30th September 2016 

Well the start to the term has been so busy and now we have managed to find time to update our class page. Since term has begun we have all settled into the new routine and seen what new changes have happened.

The start to the day is different - we now come straight into the classroom.

We have a new book corner

Mrs Ripley is now Mrs Ely!

There are many new items around our classroom, which look fun to use.

We now have new House Captains and School Council members. Well done to all who volunteered.

Our new spelling programme is up and running and all the groups are very organised at moving classrooms on a daily basis. Lets hope everybody remembers to rehearse our spellings.

In literacy we have completed a study on the author Julia Donaldson and have now begun using our new film. Next week we hope to write a newspaper article using ideas from the film.

In numeracy we have been focusing on number and we are getting very good when using our place value knowledge.

Next week we are really excited to find out what's happening on Mysterious Monday!!?? Some children are going to Spalding for a Cross Country race. So a very exciting week is planned. Watch out for our weekly update of what has been happening in Kingfisher's class.